Automate collecting data from the web is a web crawling and scraping tool, that makes it easy to extract data from sources on the internet without coding.
Dog retrieving a spreadsheet


UI to create and edit your Crawlers

You don't need to know how to code. The application allows building crawlers using configurable steps that the crawler will perform.

Javascript execution

Often page content is created by running javascript in the browser. can load pages via a headless browser to get the contents after running javascript.


You can schedule your crawlers to automatically run as often as you need the data.

Flexible Data Export

You can download the crawled data in machine-readable formats like JSON, XML or CSV, or access them via an API.

Get notified when your Data is ready

You can use a webhook to get notified when new crawling data is available.

Based on Open Source Software

The application is based on the library. So you can see how it works and also contribute and help improving it.

Coming soon

The app will be publicly available in a few months.
You can sign up to be notified when we launch.

tl;dr privacy summary
  • We will save your name and email address only to notify you (via email) about the launch
  • We will delete your data at the latest 1 month after sending the notification
  • You will not automatically have an account through this sign-up